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2022 - 2023 Rosters
posted 05/04/2022

CNY Bobcats 16U Tier 2

Brightman, Isabella

Catalfano, Sam

Catalfano, Ry

Davis, Laura

Dawes, Evy

Dotterer, Sakura

Goldman, Ady

Kinch, Asiah

Kinch, Jovee

Kinch, Shaleya

Reed, Kiera

Rioux, Josie

Swenson, Addison

Thompson, Ellyse

Tynatishon, Kiersten

Wade, Annie

Yockell, Ali


Congratulations Ladies!!!!


If you are looking at this roster to see if a player made the team so you can congratulate them, please do so; it's encouraged.

If you are looking at this roster in order to try and recruit them for your organization, well that's shady and frowned upon.


These players have already committed for the 2022-2023 season and orgainzations reaching out to them will be reported to Central Section.

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